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National fried chicken day celebrated on July 6 is the perfect excuse to get into the good old days California has some of the best versions in the world. From tapas restaurants - restaurants that focus on fast food - to fast food chains and specialty restaurants, California offers a wide range of delicious chicken dishes.

The local chicken is marinated overnight with special spices and served with corn waffles for brunch. After soaking the chicken in a spicy brine, it is cooked using the sous vide method before being fried. Take hot or take hot, this high pressure technique popularized by the famous aFCa chain. Chicken was mistreated, mistreated and roasted for a few hours before it got hot.

Lemon purée is served with deep-fried herbs and seasonal side dishes (think corn mac and cheese). Take hot or hot, chicken pieces are marinated overnight in soy, ginger and garlic, fried in rice bran oil and served in a spicy ponzu sauce.

Chowchilla, a restaurant in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, offers an eclectic menu with dishes from around the world.

Chowchilla Certified Cheddar Cheese, served on a roasted Max Sesame bun, $2.00 (2) or $3.50 ($6.99).

The fried chicken is still just as juicy, and you can feed a family of four for $20 at the state fair for the combo.

Grilled chicken breast, covered with a traditional hamburger bun and wrapped with warmed tortillas with avocado, tomatoes, red onions and melted provolone cheese. Grilled chicken breast in tortilla chipotle sauce, wrapped in avocados, tomatoes, red onions and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla chipotle sauce. Grilled chicken breast on a traditional hamburger bun, covered with lettuce, avocado and tomatoes and a generous cube of salsa, with a side of chips.

Cod fillet cooked in a traditional hamburger bun with a side of chips and a generous cube of salsa. Cod is cooked tender, tender and tender - yet tender in the middle of the meat.

On a ciabatta roll toasted with au jus, sautéed onions and pepperoni, topped with melted provolone cheese served on toasts, and a cheddar cheese sauce. 11: 45 a.m.: Fresh tuna with cheddar and provolsone cheese on Parmesan - crusty sourdough bread with chips and salsa.

This Monterey restaurant serves extra crispy chicken on a fusion-fueled side of dashi braised collar vegetables and bacon. Southern-style chicken served in a shared bucket, with a pastry that is refined with a chilli mixture and a sharp bite on the classic chicken-cheese sandwich.

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James Beard Award - Winner chef and co-owner of the popular fried - stop-road burger joint. Choose from nine of our favorites with our guide to the best restaurants in California for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch.

Tina Perez (right) screwed it up while sitting in the kitchen of her new restaurant in Chowchilla, California. Jennifer Hernandez shows us through the dining room of her El Chicharito restaurant on the outskirts of Chihuahua City.

Perez had been charged with murder after she gave birth to a stillborn baby at a Central Valley hospital in California. She brutally beat her during her pregnancy, "said Sabrina Perez, an aunt who helped raise her.

In normal times it is our sacred duty to marry and bury, but Judy Lee died of Alzheimer's in 2016, and a few years later Don behaved in a terrible fall that led to his moving in with her. Faithe and Jim suffered from dementia and have been in Happy Valley and other facilities in recent years. At the time, nurses said her husband, a loving retired minister whose sacred duties were married and buried, had also died of complications at the age of 19.

Lee worked there as a bartender for 20 years, and general manager Mike Legg said she was a popular figure at the club. She was active in the Chinese-American community and Judy attended the Trail Blazers games outside work, he said.

She always laughed and smiled and really enjoyed having the whole family in her house, "Harrison said. Bella, who has performed in cities such as Agora and the Wolstein Center, where she performed for Machine Gun Kelly, showcased her talents and worked on original songs. This summer, the self-taught acoustic artist, who has performed at venues including the House of Blues and the Beachland Ballroom, wrote and released her debut album Nighta, which features Siena Bella. She was seen singing and reciting monologues from Disney series, and her children were seen in the house singing along with her.

She was born on June 4, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, and served as an aircraft carrier pilot in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1946. When Ledbetter settled in Southern California, her grandparents made their way from Cleveland to Los Angeles and back. Jim began a career as a Baptist preacher, which took him and his family to Washington, Hawaii and California. In 1994 he quit what was then the American Baptist Church in Oregon.

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